A speaking inquiry hits your inbox!

Hell Yes!

That is until you read “We don’t have a budget to pay you, but it will be great EXPOSURE!”

The only thing “exposure” has ever given you is the flu. 

It’s time to get you booked and making money speaking.


Speak for Impact is a customized 1:1 program that gets you booked and paid to speak

Your Speaking Business
After Speak for Impact:

After nailing it on stage, you bask in the glory of a standing ovation only to walk backstage to an offer of another speaking gig!

You negotiate your highest speaking fee ever (Five-figures. You baller you!)

The audience likes you (they really like you) so much that you book 3 new clients on the spot

Grab your passport! Your speaking internationally!

“I was ready to up the game on my speaking career and I knew that having a top notch talk was the first step. The talk we created is more versatile, more impactful, and full of way more personality than I’ve created before on my own.
I love giving that talk and people love hearing it!”

– Tara Gentile,

Creator of Quiet Power Strategy®

“Because of working with Michelle, I upgraded my performance from Business to First Class. Getting my key message across grows my business and my bottom line.”

– Markus Koch,

Wall Street Correspondent

My clients typically earn their investment back with one or two speaking gigs.


And that is just the tip of the iceberg of the results clients achieve!

  • Negotiate their highest speaking fee yet
  • Book paid speaking gigs across the United States & around the world
  • One client earned $10K from her very first speaking gig ever
  • Save hundreds of hours of preparing for each talk


Custom Packages Start at $5,000

2 Spots Available in March 2017

Let’s Do This! Secure Your Spot by Booking Your Consult!


What happens after your click the big red button?

  • Click the button
  • Fill out the inquiry form
  • In 24-hours or less, you’ll be emailed a scheduling link for our chat
  • We have a super fun phone date
  • If you and I are a match, then I’ll send you the payment link & we’ll schedule your first session (boo-yah!)


“Michelle increased my confidence and now I’m speaking across the United States.”

– Kellie Tollifson,

VP of Operations of T-Square

This is the Only Program that Blends Public Speaking Coaching with Speaking Business Consulting

Here’s a breakdown of the process for how you and I will build your successful speaking business in this 1:1 program:


First, let’s figure out how you’re going to get paid. Second, let’s figure out why you should be hired over all the other speakers out in your industry. Finally, let’s craft the idea that you want to be known for so you can be a sought-after speaker.


Your speech serves three important functions in your speaking business: 1) It’s your best marketing tool for finding speaking gigs; 2) It’s the product you’ll be selling to meeting planners; and, 3) It’s the mark you’ll make on your audience and your industry. Let’s make your talk EXCEPTIONAL.


Finding speaking gig is easy (yes, you read that right) when you have the research techniques and the system to track and pitch yourself for gigs in place. Once you find those gigs, the key to making money is knowing how to set your fee (no intuitive fee setting for you) and negotiate your fee.

What’s Included:

  • Two 60 minute 1:1 calls per month
  • Recordings of each call
  • The Speak for Impact workbook delivered to your Google Drive
  • Unlimited email support during our work together
  • Unlimited back pocket power sessions (15-minute ask me anything calls between sessions)
  • Full How to Fascinate® report to identify your communication super powers


Custom Packages Start at $5,000

2 Spots Available in March 2017

Let’s Do This! Secure Your Spot by Booking Your Consult!


Who is this for?


Revenue Growers

You’ve got a thriving business and you want to add or increase the amount of revenue you bring in from speaking


Experts & Thought Leaders

You’ve got a signature methodology, proven process or you’re writing or published a book that claims your area of expertise.


Change Makers

You LOVE speaking. Sure, you get nervous (we all do), but you WANT to be on stage.

Who is this not for:

  • You’re terrified of public speaking (I feel your pain but this is not the program for you)
  • You’re just starting out in business and you need cash now
  • You don’t have a vague idea about what you want to speak about it

“I increased the number of people who signed up to be clients right after my talk.”


– Erica Loren, Coaching2Greatness.org

Meet Your Speaking Guide

michelle-mazurDr. Michelle Mazur is the CEO of Communication Rebel where she helps speaker and entrepreneurs make a bigger impact with their signature talk while building a business on their own terms.

Her Ph.D. is in Communication (so she KNOWS how people process messages & what gets them to a yes) and she has 29 years of speaking experience.

After working with her clients have gone on to book $10,000 speaking gigs, become international speakers (they even speak in front of First Ladies!), and negotiate their highest speaking fees ever! 

I want YOU to be the next speaker who gets big results!


“I could have never made the leaps I did in my business without your personal approach. Investing with you I was investing in me and my speaking business.”

– Kathleen Minogue,

Crowdfunding Educator

“Michelle is super approachable – she made it easy and enjoyable and provided me with clarity on how to take potentially boring subject matter and create something clear and most off all, entertaining.”

– Maggie Patterson, CMO,

Scoop Industries


Custom Packages Start at $5,000

2 Spots Available in March 2017

Let’s Do This! Secure Your Spot by Booking Your Consult!


Have Questions?

Are there payment plans available?

Heck Yeah! We’ll discuss payment options during our consult call.

How long will we work together?

Clients typically work with me for either 3 or 6 months depending on where they are with developing their speaking business.

What happens after I apply for the consult?

Once you apply, either I or my assistant, Dorothea, will be in touch with you within 48-hours to set up a 30-minute strategy session where I’ll ask you some further questions, develop your speaking action plan, and you can ask me any questions you have about work together.

Also, I want to make absolutely sure that this program is the next right step for you and your speaking journey. Since we’ll be going deep into your message and business, I want to ensure that I’m the right person for you to work with.

If we both determine the program is right for you, you’ll get a welcome email including payment links to get you enrolled.

P.S. There is no obligation to work with me when you fill out the application! This strategy session is all about making sure there is a fit between us.


No. I’m not and that’s a good thing. It lets me step into your audience’s point of view and see your signature talk as they will see it.

I’ve got a speech coming up in a month. Can you help me?

While the Speak for Impact program is more than just writing one speech, we might be able to make it work.

Apply now and we’ll chat as soon as possible

I don’t have my message nailed down. Is Speak for Impact for me?

YES! This is actually perfect for you because it will help you develop your message.

As long as you know your topic area (leadership, team building, social media), in the first two sessions of the program will be nailing down your message and making sure it’s the “right” message for your audience.

I’ve got a signature talk. Is Speak for Impact right for me?

YES! If you’re not getting as many speaking opportunities as you would like or you’re not getting paid what you want for your speaking, then Speak for Impact is right for you. You’ll refine, reposition, and discover places to pitch your talk during the program.

Why should I do this NOW?

Do you want speaking to generate revenue for your business in the next six to 12 months?

Then NOW is the time to write your talk, research places to give it, and start to pitch it. Within the next 12-months, you could be speaking consistently.

My question to you is do you want these results now or later? If your answer is NOW (or last week), then book your consult.


Custom Packages Start at $5,000

2 Spots Available in March 2017

Let’s Do This! Secure Your Spot by Booking Your Consult!


“My talk happened more quickly, more easily, and is more inspired than if I had tired to do this on my own.

If it wasn’t for Michelle, I’d still be thinking about speaking instead of speaking”

– Mindy Crary,


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Discover the exact steps you need to take to develop and pitch a signature talk that gets you booked, paid, and gets you to sought-after speaker status. (Plus, you’ll steal my PROVEN pitch template & mad lib your way to a speaking gig).

Take the 5-day challenge to plan & pitch your signature talk to land your next speaking gig.