Michelle Mazur Speech Coach Seattle

You’ve got big ideas.

Your business was born to serve and make a difference.

But your ideas are jumbled in your brain looking for an escape hatch.

Your ideas long to be communicated to those people you know need your message.

And the only stumbling block between you and your success is giving your ideas a voice. 

Starting now that’s all going to change.

It’s your time to be the self-assured visionary who owns the room and earns admiration by default, because when you’re that engaging? Your people can’t help but tune in. Sit up. And tune in.

And I, Speech Coach & Designer, Michelle Mazur, Ph.D., am going to help you get there, because you?

You’re ready to make a splash with your bold idea, radiate confidence, and steal–no, swipe!–the audience’s attention right out from under ‘em.

But as your presentation day looms closer, you realize you don’t know what to say. Your materials aren’t ready.  You’re just not ready.

  • Because, sure, you’ve probably cobbled together a few PowerPoint slides.
  • You’ve racked your brain for a story or two that’ll give the crowd a chuckle.
  • And you’ve even practiced in front of your mirror (which maybe wasn’t the best idea).

But whether you’re sitting around a boardroom table, running a daylong workshop, giving a webinar or speaking to 25, 100, or even 500 of your new best friends–

Know that it’s possible rock the room, no matter what.

Because when you figure out how to create a message the connects, resonates and inspires?

The audience has no choice but to be engaged, ignited, and motivated to act.

Picture yourself fist-pumping, leaping in victory, (and totally having that freeze-frame action happen when you’re in mid-air, just like in all of those 80’s movies).

Because that’s how hard you’re going to nail it.

So, are you ready to change the way you take charge of your speech? Are you ready to see your bold vision come to life?

Because together we’re going to revamp the way you relate, and ensure that you knock it out of the park, one presentation at a time. 

Watch this video & start making your impact today.