I’m Dr. Michelle Mazur,
leader of the rebellion.
A speech coach unlike any other.

Are you ready for your audacious breakthrough?
To craft your life-changing message?
To amaze audiences with your YOUness?
To advocate for the idea you think can change lives (and potentially…the world)?

Then you’ve come
to right place!

You’re my kind of renegade.

light-bulb-1You believe that you’ll never
influence anyone if you
don’t stop being like
everyone else.

light-bulb-2You want a speech that
ONLY you could give.
An experience that only
YOU could create for
the audience.

light-bulb-3You don’t want to just get
a seat at the table –
you want to flip that table
over, push boundaries,
and create waves with
your ideas.

I was ready to up my game on my speaking career and I knew having a top notch talk was the first step.

The talk we created is more versatile, impactful, and full of way more personality than anything I’ve created before on my own.

I love giving that talk and people love hearing it!

– Tara Gentile, Business Strategist


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