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5 Common Blunders New Bloggers Make

As my blog approaches its 18-month birthday, I’ve been getting more and more new bloggers asking me questions about how I developed my blog. People want to know how to grow a blog, when to post and how to make their blogs look great. Mostly, they want to know how to make their blog last over […]

12 Most Potent Superpowers Blogger Need to Succeed

In my nerd girl brain, I often wonder if superheroes sit around and discuss each other’s superpowers. Does Spiderman secretly want to take the Batmobile for a spin? Does Batman wish he could build his own Ironman suit? Does Ironman… wait Ironman thinks he is awesome in every way! As a somewhat nascent blogger, I’ve […]

Speaking & Leadership Blog Round-up: Posts that Shouldn't Be Missed!

Building relationships is all about sharing the love. I’ve read some great blogs over the past few weeks that have greatly benefited me in my own speaking and coaching. I think they can benefit the relationships you are building as a speaker and leader too. From Rich Hopkins – Stillness: A Speaker’s Place of Power My biggest […]

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