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Yoda or Luke: The Key to Effective Storytelling that Gets You Booked to Speak

  As a speaker, are you more like Yoda or Luke? Are you more Katniss or Haymitch? Are you more Dumbledore or Harry Potter? Why do I ask? We’ve all heard the advice “Share your soul-stirring story.” Many speaking experts tell you that the  key to building a successful speaking business is your story. You’re […]

How to Use PR to Boost Your Speaking Cred

Brigitte Lyons is the founder of B, a boutique marketing and PR agency that helps thought leaders and small businesses hone their message and reach more of the right audience. Booking high paying gigs is the dream of every speaker, but the path from occasional panelist to rockstar keynote can be full of fits and […]

Take Your Speech from “That’s entertaining” to “How can I hire you?”: Tracey Warren Case Study

Does this sound like you? Me:  “Tracey, why don’t you tell me a little bit about your speaking career before we worked together?” Tracey: “First of all, calling it a career is very generous of you.” Although most of my clients, just like you and Tracey, wouldn’t lead with describing themselves as having a speaking […]

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