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What the Heck Does a Speech Coach Do and Why Should You Hire One? (TRSP 31)

Since coaches can help with your fitness goals, your golf swing and your kid’s baseball team, doesn’t it make sense to hire a speech coach to help you achieve the next level of speaking success? Yes, of course, but before you let your fingers Google “speech coach,” you need to get clarity on few things […]

Do You Share TMI in your Presentation? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself (TRSP 30)

Is vulnerability the silver bullet to speaking success? Not necessarily. A presentation infused with personal anecdotes can be powerful, but when you’re in the midst of a vulnerability hangover you’re just exposing yourself and giving your audience too much information, rather than leaving them changed. Every time you step on the stage, you must ask […]

Your BIG IDEA for Speaking Success

Success is a journey. On those days we think we might never achieve the speaking success we strive for, we’d sell our soul for someone to dish out the recipe that results in the most amazing speech EVAH. The problem? That recipe will flop for you. Sad, but oh so true. There is no best […]

Triple Your Speaking Income? Don’t Believe the Hype! (TRSP 28)

Have you heard it? All the hype that you, yes YOU, can triple your income with public speaking in just weeks, “just like I did”? Yeah, right! This marketing message implies that speaking is a quick and easy fix to make all your revenue goals come true. When it doesn’t happen for you, and believe […]

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