Speakers Stop Vomiting Info on Your Audience!

Too much information makes an audience hate the speakerRight before the start of World Domination Summit (still BEST conference name ever!) – I attended Jonathan Fields’ RevolutionU Academy.

Jonathan Fields who is known for the Good Life Project is an amazing mind. His work on RevolutionU is truly revolutionary.

Fields is taking knowledge from business, marketing, and advertising and combining it with academic research on political revolutions, social movements, and social change.

Cool stuff that has the potential to be business changing.

I love the concept. Naturally, I was really excited to hear him speak in a three hour workshop about his framework.

That is, until he started and told me in the next two hours he was going to cover the eighteen steps for starting a revolution.

Eighteen steps in two hours. My mind swirled.

And by the time he started the Q and A session, I felt EXHAUSTED. My brain was about to slide out of my ear and plop on the floor.

I just couldn’t hold anymore information because I was utterly OVERLOADED.

During his presentation, there was no time to integrate, to think, to ponder, to wonder how I could use his fantastic, brilliant information.

I left the event feeling confused and not knowing what to do next. And even now several weeks after attending this academy, I still haven’t worked on any of the things he talked about.

2 hours lost and a huge opportunity missed.

And that’s what happens when experts suffer from the curse of knowledge.

When you are BRILLIANT – like I know you are –  and you’re working on something that you’re excited about and it’s a big idea. You want to share it, you want to give it to the audience in all of its glory.

The audience doesn’t want it all…not yet anyway…

And unfortunately, what happens when you push all that information, you’re not giving us time as an audience member to think about what you say, reflect upon it, figure out how we would use it in our business.

Overwhelming the audience with information needs to end pronto and here are 3 tips stop the overwhelm and amp up the value of your presentation.

 Tip #1: Understand your audience

At World Domination Summit there tends to be a lot of new business owners. People who have just started their own entrepreneurial journey. They’re one to three years in.

Covering the eighteen steps towards a revolution is not going to apply because they might be barely on step one or step two. Why should they be starting to think about step eighteen or step nine? It’s way too much.

So out of your huge ideas, understand your audience, where they are at in their journey and tailor your message to fit what they need.

Before crafting even ONE word of your presentation, answer these 4 questions to connect with your audience.

Tip #2: Make time for reflection & integration

When you go through eighteen steps to create anything in two hours what happens is there’s NO time for pause. Audiences need pauses like zombies need brains. It’s that important.

Start by asking a question and having the audience take two minutes to write down their thoughts. Because that’s when the magic happens. When we in the audience can start integrating that material because we have silence and reflection time and pause, that is powerful.

It leads us to the next steps for how to use these brilliant thoughts that you have.

Tip #3: Create action from your information

For me this was a big piece missing from RevolutionU.

I got this eighteen step framework, but I didn’t know what action I should be taking in each step. And honestly, if he would have covered the first three steps in great detail with action steps along the way plus multiple examples and case studies on how to implement it, it would have been very powerful.

In fact, it would have been business shifting. Instead of words lying shiftless in a notebook that maybe someday I’ll look at again.

Show your audience how to implement.

Give them case studies and give them actions to take next so that they can use your information.

Because the problem with vomiting information on your audience is that you’re missing an opportunity to make an impact, to change business, to speak up for your own business.

Stop the spewing of info and give your audience time to comprehend, understand and integrate your message.

What do you think? How do you make it easy on your audience to get your message? Leave a comment below.

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