Public Speaking Coach Michelle Mazur Optin

5 Remarkable Resources for Increased Speaking Confidence

Speaking ConfidenceSpeaking confidence. It’s what you want when you step on the stage to speak.

To feel 100% sure that you’re going to nail your presentation. And by nail, I mean impact and influence your audience beyond “good job”, land more speaking opportunities, and attract clients and customers to your business.

Ready to nail your next presentation?

Good!  I’ve got some ridiculously useful resources on how to up your speaking confidence!

We are cleaning out the archives here at Communication Rebel Headquarters before the launch of the new website (wait till you see it…it’s bold, edgy, and rebellious…you’ll love it).

I found five – count them – five resources to help you gain confidence in your ability to influence and persuade, love practicing your presentation (yep, it’s possible), and craft the perfect closing to your next speech.

Grab what you need or download them all and save them for later.

No Sweat Speech Prep – How to Practice Your Presentation in Less Time

You know who hates practicing her presentation? ME! I’m guessing you do too because practicing is awkward (who likes to talk to themselves for an hour?). I wrote this guide to help you develop a strategy and a system, so you stop procrastinating practicing your presentation and maximize your rehearsal time right up to the moment you take the stage.

The Audience Journey – craft the perfect last words to your presentation

Did you know that the audience forgets up to 80% of your presentation within 24-hours? It’s the scary truth and it’s called the forgetting curve! However, the audience remembers MOST what they hear last in your speech. To combat the evil forgetting curve use the Audience Journey, to craft the perfect, memorable closing for your next presentation.

Get to Yes – Craft a Call-to-Action that Converts Like Crazy

You know that you need to make an offer at the end of your speech to keep the relationship going with your audience. You’re struggling with what to offer or worse yet your current offer isn’t converting like you want it too. If that’s the case, then this is the resource for you. This worksheet will help you figure out exactly what to offer your audience and you’ll watch your conversion rate skyrocket.

Speaker Marketing Checklist – The low-down on how to market yourself as a speaker to get more speaking gigs.

Marketing is a no-brainer.  But how?  Dont’ worry, we got you covered! What you need is this  comprehensive checklist of everything you need to do in order to successfully market yourself as a speaker and land some sweet, lucrative gigs!

Become instantly more persuasive by dropping these 4 words from your next presentation

Want to influence and persuade your audience? Then drop these 4 words immediately from your vocabulary! These words are undermining you in speeches, sales conversation, meetings, webinars, arguments with your spouse (kidding…kind of).

So what do you think?

Which guide did you download? Which are you MOST excited to start using? I’d love to get your feedback as it will guide my content creation efforts in the future so that I can be ridiculously useful in helping you achieve your speaking goals!

And if you downloaded any of these guides, would you be a doll and tweet about it to your friends and followers?

What Result Does Your Speech Produce (TRSP 14)

Seth Godin once wrote “The only reason ever to give a speech is to create change.” I agree with him 100%. However, most speakers try to change the whole world in just 20-minutes when what is most meaningful to any audience is a small change that really produces the desired result. A small change puts… Tell Me More…