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3 Steps to Create A Speech that Stands Out

  If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels a la Wile E. Coyote without any forward momentum on the road to being a paid speaker, I think it’s time for you to learn my little secret for speaking success. It’s the magic elixir to catapult you past the other speakers in your industry to […]

3 Compelling Reasons To Read the New Book Speak for Impact

It’s a big week here at Rebel Headquarters. I released my second book, Speak for Impact: Write a Speech That’s Your Next Best-Selling Product. It quickly became a bestseller on Amazon but… …you might be thinking: “Michelle, there’s so many books on public speaking out there? Does the world really need another one?” My answer is: […]

Is there a book lurking in your speech?

Speakers ask me all the time if “Do I need a book to be a successful speaker?” I get why they ask. Books are a lot of work, right? Hours locked in a room, toiling away at your computer to develop your SFD (shitty first draft…thanks Anne Lamott for that term). You feel like it […]

How to Negotiate your Speaking Fee (TRSP 36)

I have that little ’80s ditty “I Wanna be Rich” from one-hit-wonder Calloway playing in my head, “I want money; lots and lots of money,” because today we’re talking about money—one of my all-time favorite topics. If you want to make money by being a speaker, you will have to talk about it sooner or […]

An Open to Letter to Events Who Don’t Pay Their Speakers

Dear Event Organizer, I get it. Running an event is complicated. You’re dealing with the venue, catering, scheduling, av team, budget, getting butts in seats, and pleasing the powers that be. But, my dear event organizer, we need to have a serious conversation about not paying the people who make your event worth attending. The […]

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