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3 Phases of Building Your Speaking Business the Rebel Way

There’s a lot of advice, courses, and information about how to grow your speaking business. From how to market yourself as a speaker to how to land paid speaking gigs. And everything in between. There’s a lot of information and it can be overwhelming. In fact, you can feel like you’re drinking out of a […]

Why Should I Hire You to Speak?

The speaking industry is competitive. There are so many keynote speakers, breakout speakers, trainers and more. How do you stand out from all of the competition? How do you get hired over other speakers who speak on a similar topic? Have you ever thought about why someone should hire you to come in and speak […]

3 Reasons to Create Your Speech Like Your Next Best-Selling Product

Your speech is the keystone of your speaking business. It showcases your expertise. It’s the vehicle that produces results for your audience. It highlights your story and your passion. It also does something else for you. It’s what gets you booked to speak. Because you’re reading this post I know you want  to be speaking […]

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Discover the exact steps you need to take to develop and pitch a signature talk that gets you booked, paid, and gets you to sought-after speaker status. (Plus, you’ll steal my PROVEN pitch template & mad lib your way to a speaking gig).

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