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Dr. Michelle Mazur, Speech Designer, Speech Coach, & SpeakerWell hello there! I’m Dr. Michelle Mazur.

I’m a Speech Designer + Idea Architect.

That’s a fancy way of saying that I help super smart people (like you) get their ideas out their heads and communicated to the people who need to hear them most. You’ll learn how to write a speech that your audience immediately groks (or understands for you non-sci-fi geeks).

I love ideas. I geek out over organizing them. Listening to them. Making them even better than you ever thought they could be. Strategizing the best way to make your listeners go absolutely gaga over what you have to say. Effective communication skills are the key to have your ideas spread like wildfire.

I’m the keeper of eclectic tastes and interests, including:

:Zombies – they might be mindless but they will keep you guessing. You must be agile, smart, and spontaneous to outsmart the undead.

:Duran Duran – I’ve loved this band since I was 10. Any artist who can play “Rio” for the billionth time and makes it seem like their first time demands respect.

:London – One city. A million experiences. I’ve lived in London, visited eight times, and when I’m not there I long for London in my bones. The city has me hanging on her every word and always leaves me wanting more.

:Fluevogs – no, I didn’t sneeze – I’m talking shoes. In a nutshell, they’re funky, unique and comfy. Want to stand out? These babies stop traffic.

I’m a collector of unique interests, but here’s what you need to know about me as a professional:

:I’m fascinated by what makes your fascinating - I’m obsessed with Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Advantage® System so much so that I am now Certified Fascinate Advisor. I love opening up speaker’s eyes to how the world sees them at their best and how they can use that in every aspect of their speaking.

Public speaking is my jam

:I fluffy heart love public speaking - but I did not not always feel this way. I started off mother-lovin’ terrified. Sweaty palms? Check. Racing thoughts? Check. Quivering voice? Stomach in knots? Check and Check. However I knew that those who could give voice to their ideas could change the world. I spent years figuring out how to calm my nerves and mastering the art of speaking to a crowd. I’ve logged over 10,000 hours of speaking about public speaking & communication to groups of all sizes, from a small public speaking class of 10 to audiences of over 1000.

Speech Coach, Michelle Mazur
Personality is persuasive. Be your audacious best.

:Ph.D. in Communication –  the result of an absolute obsession about needing to know everything there is to know about communication and good communication skills. I’m curious. I NEEDED to know how audiences understand messages, what motivates them to buy, and how people change their behavior. I was a professor for 5 years and published papers in some pretty prestigious peer-reviewed journals like Communication Monographs, Communication Reports, and Communication Research Reports.

:I was a nun…in the Sound of Music. AND a nurse in South Pacific, a clown in Barnum, and Henry Higgin’s mom in My Fair Lady. This makes me a musical theater nut with the creds of a Ph.D. who can create epic experiences for your audience.

:My life in the corporate world - I’ve run a multi-million dollar advertising tracker for a mammoth tech company, helped develop new product ideas, researched how consumers develop relationships with brands and why they buy the same brands over and over again. It’s given me a stellar foundation in how brands communicate, persuade and create a loyal tribe of raving fans.

:Speak Up for Your Business – I took all of that speaking and persuasion knowledge from 20 years of study and experience and put it into my Amazon best-selling book, Speak Up For Your Business: Presentation Secrets for Entrepreneurs Ready to Tell, Sell, & Compel, The buzz is fantastic. Entrepreneur and Professional Speaker, Dennis Bauer, wrote:

Read Speak Up for Your Business from cover to cover. You’ll be as delighted as I was at Dr. Mazur’s engaging humor and sometimes irreverent style. More importantly, when you reach the last page and set the book down, you will know that you’ve been trained by the best–as if you’d been sitting across the coffee table in your one-on-one coaching session with the author.

The one thing that I want you to remember is that your ideas have the power to change the world. The only hurdle standing between you and success is giving your ideas a voice. Use good communication skills to get your audience excited and quiver with anticipation for your speech. 

Here’s to your big ideas,

Speech Coach Michelle Mazur


P.S. If you want a head start on getting your idea out into the world, a great way to begin is by downloading my free Sweet Spot Strategy guide. It’s got everything you need to know to create a speech so good that your audience is moved to act.