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Assess for Success Means Looking Forward and Back

Happy New Year! I’m not a big resolution type of girl, but I do find the New Year a great time to look forward to the upcoming 12 months. It’s also an excellent time to reflect on what when right and what went out of whack in 2012. When I  started this blog, I put 7 goals […]

5 Ways Bosses Can Kill Morale

Happy employees are the cornerstone to a successful business. Most business that are faltering have people problems not product problems. Good morale comes from an environment where the bosses are interested in building relationships with those they manage and among their team. Whenever we speak we send two messages – content and relational message (for […]

Business Networking is NOT All About You

I can spot a business networking shark from across a crowded room. He confindently strides up to you with his business card in hand and says “Hello. I’m Douche Bag. So nice to meet you. I help people with *insert crap evelvator pitch here that goes on far too long.*” Grabs your business card and […]

Corporate Speak Must Die

Corporate cogs use corporate speak! This type of communication is so pervasive that if you work in an office it is nearly impossible to eliminate it from our vocabulary. If we are surrounded by people saying “think out of the box” or “take it to the next level”, we find ourselves saying those phrases as well. Just because all […]

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