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How to Get the Creative Presentation Juices Flowing

Despite of all the presentation tips, tricks and templates I could give you. The art of creating a great presentation is a creative process.

Storytelling, compelling introductions and memorable conclusions all take a HUGE amount of creative energy.

Sometimes, the muse is just not speaking to you. You get stuck. I get stuck writing my own speeches. It’s far easier for me to write great turns-of phrase for my clients than for myself. 

When that happens to you, how do you get the muse to end her silence and start speaking to you?

I loved this infographic about 29 ways to stay creative because just one of these can break our creative presentation draught and turn it into a well of speech inspiration.


29 Ways to Stay Creative

How do you get unstuck? Tell me how you get the creative juices flowing in the comments below.

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  • Coffee, of course! Numero Uno! The darker the better! My sis just brought me fabulous dark from her Tanzanian safari! Next is Read. Meditate. Pray. Make a list for today. Then go out into the world. Put myself out there. Write of course! Creative and Communicative. Others (You!) inspire me. I can’t shut myself off from the world. No WOman is an island.

    • People and coffee! There is a reason we are friends, Sharon! Love it!

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