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Top 7 Posts on Public Speaking & Leadership in 2012

Since we just celebrated my first year of blogging anniversary, it is worth looking back to some posts you might have missed this year. Here is a tip of my top hat to the top 7 post on public speaking and leadership in 2012!

A tip of the the hat to the top posts of 2012

A tip of the the hat to the top posts of 2012

#7 5 Ways Boss Can Kill Morale

Bosses make stupid decision that hurt morale – now those can be avoided!

#6 3 Proven Strategies for Presentations that Connect

Admit what you don’t know and apply the principles of the TAO of speaking.

#5 How NOT to be a Motivational Speaker

I rant about what is wrong with motivational speakers. Who doesn’t love a good rant?

#4 Are  You Making This Public Speaking Mistake? 

Well are you? Read to find out? The mistake might surprise you.

#3 12 Most Spectacular Ways to Make Your Communication Sparkle

If I had one post that was my breakthrough blogging piece, this is it. Originally posted on 12 Most – this got a shout out from Guy Kawasaki. He must be a sparkle fan.

#2 What Do a Speech Conclusion & a Killer Rabbit Have in Common?

I almost didn’t publish this one. I thought it was too weird, but apparently you all like Monty Python geekery…now get me a shrubbery.

And the #1 post of 2012….can I get a drum roll please…

#1 8 Steps to Practicing Your Presentation

You always hear that you need to practice your presentation, but you never hear HOW you should go about it. Until now.

Bonus post – this was my favorite post to write and gets to the heart of why I so passionate about communication.

Bonus Post: Peter Gabriel On How Communication Can Change the World

I’m looking forward to bringing you great content in 2013. Is there anything you want me to write about? Share it in the comments. There’s a strong likelihood I’ll write about it in the New Year!

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