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What relational message are you sending your team?

What Relational Message are you Sending to Your team?Want to improve the relationship you have with you team? Fast Company suggested several ways to improve your organization's culture.

The ideas are not ground breaking – flexible schedules, celebrating going home early, recognizing achievements, rules for the 95% not the 5%.

However, these ideas do require that an organization have a good relationship with its employees. Three essential components are at the base of any relationship, which makes the policies suggest by Fast Company possible. 

1. Positive regard – Do you believe that your team will always try their best and give it their all? Does your team have the organization's best intentions at heart? If yes, you have positive regard for your team. Believing the best about your people is key to building trust.

2. Trust – Trust is at the heart of all relationships. If you do not trust a friend, romantic partner or your team, the relationship is doomed! Does organization policies say”We trust you” or “We don't trust you”? If your teamdoesn't feel trusted, they will feel defeated. 

3. Recognition – Relationship expert, John Gottman, believes that for every 1 negative thing we say to our partner – you need to say at least 10 positive things. Negative statements are memorable and powerful whereas compliments are easily forgotten. Recognizing team members' achievements and input is a powerful way to build a relationship and increase morale.

What relational message does your organization send to its employees? If your not a manager, what does your company's policies say about the relationship they have with you?

Positive regard, trust and recognition are the most powerful ways to build a team and increase morale! Share your thoughts below or on Facebook about the types of policies that improve and organization's culture and build relationships!

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